AI and the Future of Recruiting


Companies are increasingly turning to Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help with sourcing and recruiting talent. According to Gartner Inc., about 23% of companies who use AI do so in the Human Resource Department, specifically in Talent Acquisition. As the competition for good talent becomes even more fierce, it is understandable that companies will need to turn to automation in order to stay competitive. But how effective is AI in recruiting?

AI relies on behavioral patterns to make predictions about future actions. For instance, the machine uses your historical searches to predict your likelihood of being in the market for certain products. Advertisements customized for your interest can, therefore, be used to target you. Likewise, if you searched for certain types of jobs on job boards, the machine can use such search patterns to predict your interest in certain jobs and present related job postings to you.

There is no doubt that AI will be central in Human Resource management in the near future. It is expected, for instance, that AI will be used to predict the types of positions certain individuals are better suited for, the types of training certain employees should take, and who should be on which developmental track. The concerns is whether the reliance on AI will eliminate the human angle, those subtle nuances that only a human can address. Will enough cultural intelligence be built into AI to minimize or eliminate any shortfall arising from the reduced human intervention in the hiring process?

Until AI reaches full maturity, companies are advised to resist the temptation of over-reliance on AI for in their talent acquisition process.

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